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Meet the Band Brand

The creative concept for The Gold Album existed long before the collection's official debut. It is a product of founder and designer Hilary Muxlow’s no-limits approach to what thoughtful design can achieve.

Every gemstone—rubies, emeralds, diamonds, et al.—is meticulously hand-chosen, passing muster with Hilary’s perfectionist eye. The choice to work in 14-karat gold is as intentional as anything she touches. The metal’s litheness and durability, particularly when combined with The Gold Album’s signature enamels, mean it’s as practical as it is fresh.

"My aim with The Gold Album is to reclaim fine jewelry as something to be worn freely and with feeling. Confining it as solely precious does a disservice to both the wearer and the jewel."

Hilary Muxlow, The Gold Album Designer & Founder

Spinning Gold Since 2023. Creating Since 1993.

Hilary’s sky’s-the-limit approach to jewelry making is a product of lessons learned from the interior- and event-design world: If the just-right piece doesn't exist, go out and make it yourself, from the ground up.

While she’s worked on countless projects, her first (and forever most important) custom jewelry client was her then-six-year-old daughter, whose sensitive skin required a higher touch than what the age-appropriate assortment could offer. Since then, the gold pieces Hilary crafted for herself and the women in her family became a calling card of sorts; a week wouldn’t go by without admirers requesting remakes of her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Fast forward to the present. Hilary has definitively turned her discerning eye to shaping and molding raw materials into fine—no, exquisite—infinitely wearable jewelry. As a parent and lifelong audiophile, Hilary put a premium on giving her four children a foundation in music. Doing the same for her young brand only made sense.

And so, The Gold Album came to be. Like a favorite song, it’s fine jewelry that’s meant to be worn, you guessed it…on repeat.

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Like your favorite song, our pieces have soul, they're nostalgic, they mark the moment. We're mood music for any mood.

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